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Blue car being washed

Maintenance detailing is a scheduled, car detailing that happens on a consistent basis. in order for it to be considered a maintenance detail it must take place at least a maximum of eight weeks. A maintenance detail is cheaper than a regular detail because it happens consistently and the car doesn't have enough time to get dirty enough to charge a regular detail price. Maintenance details do not include the services that a full detail includes, simply because all services aren't necessary for a maintenance detail. It is for reasons like this that our clients are on a maintenance detail plan, because not only do you get your car detailed on a regular basis, but it is also cheaper than a regular detail.

Maintenance Plan Service


  • Wipe down interior surfaces

  • Vacuum

  • Condition interior surfaces

  • Clean windows


  • Wheels & tires degreased 

  • Foam / Hand wash vehicle

  • Clean mirrors

  • Condition black trim (If needed)

  • Dress tires

Weekly $30

Bi- Weekly $50

Monthly $60

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